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See It Forward, Helping You See a Brighter World for a Brighter Future

See It Forward is a charitable organization that is centered on providing hope through vision for the visually impaired. Through our partnership with Beyond Vision, we have started an advocacy to achieve large-scale change and a movement to reach out to the unfortunate ones who are unable to provide for themselves with clear vision.

To clear up a blurring world…

As loss of vision is gradually becoming a common problem among people today, relative is the increase of costs associated with the treatments necessary. Not everyone has the financial capacity to provide for themselves and as such, many are left suffering the detriments brought about by their visual impairment. Glasses are one of the world’s most effective poverty alleviation tools. 15% of the world’s population is unable to work or study effectively due to the lack of vision care and glasses.

Seeking support from our community, dedicated members and partners, we hope to address this issue by providing visual aid to those who are not fortunate enough to afford glasses for themselves.

How do we do this?

Backing us up in carrying out our mission is Beyond Vision, an optical office that sells prescription glasses. Through our partnership with Beyond Vision, we are able to provide glasses for the visually impaired at no charge. The mechanics behind our movement is simple. For each time a customer buys glasses from Beyond Vision, a separate pair will be provided to another person in need. Hence, the more glasses that can be sold, the more people we can help.

The advocacy to end the isolation of vision loss is a path that requires passion and strong dedication. It is a challenge that we have accepted, nonetheless, and one that we wish to take atop for the benefit of those in need.

With our equally dedicated partner, Beyond Vision, we are on to take a leap forward towards reaching our main aim. But of course, with over 1 billion people in need of our help, our own efforts alone are certain to remain insufficient. Thus, we encourage you to get involved and help us with our attempt to reach out and make a difference in the lives of those in need.

How you can help?

Spread the word

Tell your friends about us. Talk about our goals, and our movement in general, to your neighbors. A simple act such as spreading the word will already do us so much. The more people know about us and our mission, the more people we can help.

Encourage friends, families, co-workers and acquaintances to be one with us.

If you know people with eye problems who are in need of prescription glasses, tell them about us and our partnership with Beyond Vision. By getting the glasses they need from Beyond Vision, they will already have made a significant contribution to the progress of our advocacy.

Vision is a human right. See It Forward aims for a brighter, clearer world and we want you to be part of our movement!


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Edmonton & Leduc Locations

Please visit one of our locations in Edmonton, Alberta. Our friendly team of staff and doctors are happy to assist you.

5615 23 Avenue NW
Edmonton T6L 7B9
T. (780) 450-6700
F. (780) 441-9461

Oxford Park Landing
15158 127 Street NW
Edmonton T6V 0C5
T. (780) 705-8816
F. (780) 705-8856

14241 23 Avenue NW
Edmonton T6R 3E7
T. (780) 432-4301
F. (780) 432-4460

107 4809 43A Avenue
Leduc T9E 8J6
T. (780) 612-4556
F. (780) 612-4558

2500 Guardian Road NW
Edmonton T5T 1K8
T. (780) 447-5860
F. (780) 447-5862