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Dry Eye Products in Edmonton

Do you have dry, itchy eyes? Don’t worry — it’s common. In fact, it’s estimated that around thirty percent of Canadians experience dry eye symptoms like stinging or burning eyes, scratchiness, pain or redness.

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What causes dry eye disease? What causes dry eye disease? When your tears aren’t able to provide adequate lubrication for your eyes, you may experience these symptoms. Patients may ignore mild symptoms, and, often, dry eye disease goes undiagnosed until symptoms worsen.

Dry eye symptoms can be uncomfortable, which is why Beyond Vision offers dry eye products. See the options we offer below!

I-RELIEF Eye Warming Mask

Moist heat therapy can be used as a form of supplementary treatment for people suffering from dry eyes. The I-RELIEF Hot & Cold Therapy Eye Mask with ThermaBeads can help patients manage their dry eye condition from the mildest of symptoms to more serious conditions. The mask also treats symptoms associated with blepharitis, meibomian gland disease (MGD), styes and chalazia, as well as headaches, sinus pressure, tension, swelling and puffiness.

Not sure whether to use a hot or cold compress? Use heat if you have swollen eyelids, itchiness, crusted eyelashes, flaky skin, watery eyes, sensitivity to light or blurred vision. Heat helps liquefy the oils in the glands to enhance flow, prevents tears from evaporating too quickly, improves blood circulation and relaxes the eyes. Use a cold compress if you have headaches, sinus pressure, tension or swelling. The cold constricts blood flow to reduce inflammation and helps relieve eye strain.

I-RELIEF Eye Warming Mask

Thealoz Duo Drops

Thealoz Duo is a preservative free treatment for dry eye disease that restores the eye’s normal environment. One of the most common causes of dry eyes is tear film instability. Thealoz Duo works to repair the thickness of the tear film over time.

Studies found that after just 10 minutes, Thealoz Duo increased tear film thickness by 40% more than hyaluronic acid alone and maintained the thickness for 4 hours. Thealoz Duo drops also reduce inflammatory markers and restore normal osmotic balance while alleviating dry eye symptoms.

Thealoz Duo Drops

Metagenics Omega 3 Capsules

Taking Omega-3 fatty acid capsules can help support eye health, brain health, and cardiovascular function. However, not every omega-3 supplement is created equal. Metagenics’ line of OmegaGenics omega-3 fatty acid supplements are TruQuality purity tested, ensuring that every product is pure and safe. This is especially important with fish oil supplements to ensure they are free of common impurities and potentially harmful contaminants.

Specifically, the OmegaGenics Neuro 1000 helps support cardiovascular, cognitive and eye health.

Metagenics Omega 3 Capsules

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