March 17, 2019

Are you workplace eye safe?

By: Kady
March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month. Whether you work on a construction site or at a desk, although your hazards may be different, staying on top of your eye health is equally important.

Monitor Your Screen Time

Now more than ever, people who work at desk jobs are spending the majority of their work days looking at a screen. But exposure doesn’t end there – most continue using digital devices once at home for personal use, from smartphones to tablets to laptops to ereaders.

Continued exposure to screens can lead to eye strain injuries. The condition can get worse the more the screen viewer continues these repetitive activities and can be especially straining if screen use is accompanied by improper lighting conditions. These screens emit blue light, of which the longterm affects is not entirely yet known.

If you are constantly in front of a screen, consider using glasses with specialized lenses to block blue light and ensure your eyes can focus properly without strain. Ask your Beyond Vision Optometrist for more information.

Use Personal Protective Equipment

If you work outside on a job site in construction, trades, oil and gas, or other industrial settings, it’s extremely important for your eye safety and likely mandatory that you wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Eye injuries can occur as a result of welder’s flash (viewing a welding torch without proper protection), chemical exposure or particles in the eye, or trauma to the eye. If you are experiencing an eye emergency, you do not need to make an appointment. Please visit your closest Beyond Vision location and inform the front desk that you need medical attention. If your emergency occurs outside of business hours, please visit your local emergency room.

Take Breaks

Eye strain, accidents and injuries can also be avoided by ensuring proper breaks are taken and equipment is checked regularly. For screen users, try the 20/20/20 method – every 20 minutes, look at something 20 metres away for at leasy 20 seconds to help your eyes relax and re-focus. Try setting a reminder in your device’s calendar to prompt you.

Staying hydrated is also very important in maintaining good eye health.

Schedule your eye exam

As always, we recommend scheduling your yearly or bi-yearly eye exam to ensure your vision remains clear and your eyes remain healthy. In your comprehensive eye exam, your Beyond Vision optometrist looks at the tissues and structures inside the eye and is able to monitor for eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma or macular degeneration, as well as tears in the retina, bleeding and tumours. Many eye diseases have no early signs or symptoms, so early detection is critical to ensure the best possible treatment.

They are also looking for early signs of serious medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

If you would like to book your next eye exam in Edmonton for you or your family, booking online is quick and easy.

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