What if we told you that there is a lens that would give you perfect vision for the rest of your life? Now, what if we told you that anyone that gets this lens surgically implanted would never get cataracts and their sight would be three times better than 20/20 vision? Well, that is what one doctor from B.C. is claiming to have developed and it has got us at Beyond Vision talking!

bionic lens

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Dr. Garth Webb, the creator behind this technology, believes that the Ocumetric Bionic Lens implant would surpass the normal human capabilities for eyesight and claims to have the potential to make use of eyeglasses and contact lenses obsolete in the very near future


The bionic lens can be surgically implanted in an 8 minute, painless procedure similar to a cataract surgery. Once implanted, the bionic lens is said to lasts 100 years.


Dr. Suraj Sharma: This is a fascinating development in the eyecare industry however, I would reserve judgement until the details of the technology have been shared with the public. Additionally, the bionic lens is at the early stages and I am curious to see whether it is given approval by Health Canada. That being said, it’s exciting to see technology and health evolving to new heights right before our eyes (pun intended)!

Dr. Colin Bain: I can’t help but think that this technology and type of surgery already exists. Accommodating intra-ocular lens implants, which allow an individual to see clearly in the distance and at near following surgery, have existed for many years. Unfortunately, an accommodating intra-ocular lens that corrects every post-operative patients visual needs has yet to be developed.  The Bionic Lens claims to be a lens that has figured it all out.  If the Bionic Lens can perfectly correct a person’s vision and provide freedom from any optical correction, that is really exciting! Ultimately, extensive clinical trials are still required to determine the effectiveness and safety of the Bionic Lens and it is not likely to become available to the public for a couple years.

We’re interested in knowing your thoughts! What do you think of the bionic lens?

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