January 31, 2022

Driver Safer at Night with Zeiss

By: Kady

Perhaps you have laser sharp vision during the day, but what about at night? Bad weather, low light conditions, and glare from oncoming vehicles can reduce your visibility and in turn, your safety.

That’s why we recommend ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses for anyone who experiences reduced quality of vision at night or in adverse weather. They’re available as either single vision or progressive lenses and can instantly help you minimize your stress behind the wheel and get you to your destination, safely.

Here’s how ZEISS DriveSafe lenses help you:

You’ll be able to judge distances and driving situations more quickly
You’ll improve your vision at night
You’ll reduce irritations caused by reflected lights
You’ll ensure you can quickly and easily adjust your viewing focus to your driving surroundings.

Here’s how it works.

Our pupil size changes throughout the day. The more light there is, the smaller our pupils become. The less light, the larger. Normal lenses don’t accommodate for these changes in their design. DriveSafe lenses are optimized for when your pupils are large, aka, when you’re driving at night. It improves colour contrast, reduces glare, and reduces distortions in your periperal vision, especially with progressive lenses.

The end result: you have better vision and can more precisely judge viewing distances in stressful driving situations, such as at night or in rain, fog or snow.

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